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When you are happy with the service you would like,

Contact us in a way that is convenient to you


cat sitting Nottingham

Or call   07979878225  0115 9841845


07979878225 or 0115 9841845




Nottingham pet sitters

What happens next

Once we have confirmed we are able to pet sit for you,

You can drop the keys of with feeding instruction and your address to us or

we can pop round to meet you and your pets, so you can fill in a short form and show us where everything is and what you would like us to do. We like to do this about 2 weeks before you go on holiday so it is still fresh in our minds, but we would be happy to do this sooner if you like. The short 15 to 30 minutes meeting are usually between 1.30pm  to 7pm

This meeting is free and will not cost you enything.

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