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Rabbit Boarding Nottingham Guinea Pig, Gerbil, Rat, RSPCA Trained Pet Sitters

Nottingham Rabbit Boarding Nottingham Guinea Pig boarding Gerbil Rat, Hamster boarders RSPCA trained in Nottingham


About Our Nottingham Rabbit Boarding Nottingham Guinea Pig Boarding

I have worked for the RSPCA in Nottingham for 7 years and have built up a massive amount of experience in small animal care.

In my time working with animals I have been trained in the following: NVQ 1+2 in animal care, animal first aid, pet micro chipping, RSPCA standard procedures.

I was also team leader of the small animal care unit at the RSPCA Radcliffe on Trent in Nottingham       we will not mix your pets with any others


www.rabbit boarding Nottingham.co.uk               (we dont Board cats & dogs)                      


Accomodation: for  Nottingham Rabbit Boarding Nottingham guinea Boarding pig

Rabbits and Guinea pigs can be kept in an standard indoor cage, or an outdoor cage.

Hamsters and other small furries would need to come in their own cage.


Toys are all provided to keep your little ones happy through-out their stay!


Nottingham Rabbit Boarding Nottingham Guinea Pig Exercise:  

Daily exercise in a totally 'bunny proof' run with out the worry of them digging out.


Nottingham Rabbit Boarding Nottingham Guinea Pig Health & Hygiene:  

We can care for both vaccinated and un-vaccinated rabbits.

Un-vaccinated rabbits are cared for in fully heated accomodation, and are looked after on a one-to-one bases in one of our boarders homes.


Daily brushing if needed is not a problem, we can also do nail clipping at no extra cost for animals boarding with us.


While working for the RSPCA I had to administer daily medications to lots of animals, so if your pet is on any medication you can be assured the medication will be given correctly

Nottingham rabbit boarding nottingham rabbit boarders

Rabbit boarding in Nottingham Prices:

Nottingham Rabbit boarding £5.50 per day

Guinea Pig boarding Nottingham £5.50 per day

Nottingham Hamsters and other small furries boarding - £3 per day

Free local pick up

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